Lake Trasimeno

Fun in the Sun on Lake Trasimeno

Pedalos at Pescatore Cafe, Lake Trasimeno

Lake Trasimeno’s sparkling blue waters provide not only respite from the heat of summer, they are also shallow, safe, and clean. Better yet, they glisten invitingly for surprisingly few tourists! In Trasimeno, bronzing Italians do beach culture under sun umbrellas, in deck chairs, and sipping delicious café. On and around the lake, holidaymakers enjoy pedalos, kite surfing, canoeing or beach volleyball. Walking and cycling trails tempt the active, and if that sounds like too much wo/man-power, you can hire a vespa or a bike. Naturally all this activity should be powered by local cuisine.

On and around Lake Trasimeno sporting activities include pedalos and canoeing.

Windsurfing Lake Trasimeno

The lake’s large size, shallow depth and seasonal winds are ideal for kitesurfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing.
Kitemaniak School instructors are FIV and IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified.

Hiking around Lake Trasimeno

Spectacular walking and cycling trails tempt the active. There are 44 hiking routes – in total 35 hikes and 9 pilgrim walks. Click HERE to find an excellent overview of the best hiking routes around Trasimeno.

Hills around Lake Trasimeno in Umbria

Cycling and Mountain Biking around Lake Trasimeno

Spectacular cycling trails criss-cross the hills and villages of the Umbria Tuscany border and Lago Trasimeno. Whether you chose to go on two legs or two wheels there are many outdoor adventures around the lake – from Città della Pieve, Paciano and Panicale to Castiglione del Lago. There are also large helpings of culture to be tasted on the way: ancient churches, frescoes by lauded masters, the ancient battleground of Hannibal Vs the Romans, crumbling fortresses and castles as well as the sweetest rolling hills known to humankind. There are 99 cycle routes around Trasimeno. 34 bike rides and 65 mountain biking trails. Here’s a great resource showing the best cycle routes around Trasimeno
Vespas for HIRE
Bicylcles for HIRE

Fishing on Lake Trasimeno

Lake Trasimeno Fish

A community of fishermen know as ‘The CO-OP’ (not to be confused with the supermarket of the same name) use sustainable net-fishing techniques to catch eel, tench, pike and carp. Better yet, they can arrange sunrise fishing trips, family and nature excursions along the coast to find hidden spots to swim, fish and enjoy gorgeous views.

Discover Lake Trasimeno

Island Hopping Lake Trasimeno

Blue and white ferries carry travellers to the lake’s three tranquil islands Maggiore, Minore and Polvese, to enjoy nature walks, swimming and, of course, lunch. Find the ferry timetable HERE


Horse Riding Near Lake Trasimeno

Why not discover Chiusi, Montepulciano, Pienza, Chianciano Terme, Val d’Orcia, Città della Pieve, Castiglione del Lago and Trasimeno Lake on four legs instead of two? You can explore the Tuscan and Umbrian countryside on horseback. Trekking, excursions and trips for beginners through to experienced riders through vineyards, woods, olive groves and rolling hills. Find out more HERE

Sailing on Lake Trasimeno

Acqua Dolce Sailing has sailing boats, inflatable motorboats and kayaks for hire, group and private classes for those that want to learn. Lessons are tailored to the students. Although the odd tempest is known to roll in over the Umbrian hills – the lake is a safe fun environment to get some new water skills. Find out more HERE

Flying Lake Trasimeno

There can surely be no more glorious way to experience Lake Trasimeno and the surrounding area, the glistening lakes, rolling hills, bursting vines, shimmering olive groves and ancient castles – than an adventure in the air.
There are two flying schools in the area on opposite sides of the Lake.
The Serristori Aero Club, near Cortona in Castiglion Fiorentino is VDS / VM flight school certified. It has large hangars, a fuel station (Verde and Avio), a weather station (that can be consulted 24 hours a day online) and an authorized workshop Rotax for overhauls and maintenance. The Club is the headquarters of the Italian Federation of Disabled Pilots and the “Baroni Rotti” Association.
Flying classes, pleasure and sport flights as well as Drone training can be arranged at affordable prices.

Fly Felix Flight School offers training for aircraft and drone pilots a VDS certificate (licence for ultralight piloting) and qualifications for two-seater; Advanced and Aeronautical Voice. They have an “I Want to Fly” initiative “to entertain you and at the same time try to identify new pilots.” An instructor allows you to operate a flight familiarization with confidence (with certified dual controls!) for around 30minutes.

History and Fabulous-ness Around Lake Trasimeno

Time and place are layered like lasagna in Italy. Nearby towns such as Cortona (of Under the Tuscan Sun fame) and Chiusi were the ancient hubs of the enigmatic Etruscan culture. Medieval hilltop villages and towns of Panicale and Perugia sit in quiet and glorious understatement with churches, museums and art galleries that ooze the spiritual and cultural passion of more than one thousand years, crowded with the works of Masters such as Signorelli.

Hannibal ambushed two Roman legions near Tuoro, (217 BC-15,000 legionnaires died). Castiglione del Lago’s, Castello di Leone castle, stands proudly on the hill still casting a protective eye over the lake, providing a spectacular historical backdrop to all the modern day comings and goings of the area.

Florence and Rome are both an easy drive (or train ride) away. In short, Trasimeno is a veritable plate of Italian Renaissance served with large helpings of ancient Etruscan and medieval art and architecture. And if you are all cultured out? Blue and white ferries carry travellers to the lake’s three tranquil islands Maggiore, Minore and Polvese, to enjoy nature walks, swimming and, of course, lunch.

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