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Marriages are made in heaven…
WEDDINGS are made in Italy





Celebrants craft highly personalised scipts for your ceremony to make your most important day simply unforgettable. The big difference between a church, registrar or other type of traditional ceremony is: ‘what you want – baby we got it’. I will write your script according to your story, hold the ceremony where you want it, with lashings of tradition, dashings of ritual – or not! It’s all up to you! I will put you in touch with the best wedding planners in Umbria and Tuscany to get it just right whether you want a village experience wedding, a then I will make sure it all goes right on the day.


A sacred ceremony reflects you and your relationship. It is sculpted from your experiences, hopes, dreams and stories. Full of your personality it is the best ceremony you will ever be at! We will work together to find special readings, songs, symbolic rituals and poems. I use sacred geometry ritual to create a temple of space around y0ou and your guests


Vow renewals are an unforgettable way to celebrate your love! We can easily plan a re-commitment to each other. There are lots of good reasons to do it! Any excuse for a party to celebrate the milestone anniversaries with guests  Even your children can take part in the ceremony if you have them. You’re not limited by marriage licences, religious restrictions, or location. At a destination vow renewal you can take the whole family and have a brilliant holiday? Or go to a romantic spot with just the two of you (and me) as there is no official need for witnesses. 

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We all know that energy is literally everything. Solid energy – like the furniture – can be moved out with the former tenants. Mental, emotional and spiritual energy however, is not so easily seen and can hang about like a big black cloud. Something you can’t quite put your finger on left over from negative thoughts and emotions. A home that’s held trauma of loss, broken relationships or depression will feel heavy or like ‘something’s a bit off’.

I specialise in clearing away the gluggly, stuck energy of your space with special meditations and sacred geometry to alter the vibration and raise the positive energy of your rooms with this powerful ancient technique. (And naturally I will involve a bit of sage and crystal action too!)


A marriage dissolution ceremony is a declaration of the end of a stage in your life and a blessing over the entry into a bright new stage. We focus on forgiveness, release and a commitment to your future as a bright shiny Phoenix. Energetic Cleansing & Space Clearing then brings peace to your space. After a break-up, during separation, or divorce, It clears you, and your home, of painful energetic residue so you are ready for a fresh start


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