Important Phone Numbers on the Umbria Tuscany Border

Emergency Numbers in Umbria

I hope you don’t need these numbers, but screenshot this page or remember where to find it!

Ambulance 118.
The ambulance will take about twenty minutes

Guardia Medica When the hospital’s doctors are not on call from 20-8:00, the Guardia Medica takes over.
They are usually for serious but not emergency situations at night. You can call them at 075.340.24 or 075.365.84. If you cannot leave your house, they even make house calls.

Police Station The police station number is 112.

Fire Department 115 for the fire department.

Emergency Health ServiceTel. 118
Police EmergencyTel. 113
Carabinieri Emergency CallsTel. 112
Fire StationTel. 115
Police Tel. 07550621
Red-Cross AmbulanceTel. 0755272711
TAXI CHIUSI+39 0578 20178
Doctor Service (from 10pm Saturdays until 8am Monday mornings)Tel. 07536584 – 07534024
HospitalTel. 0755781
Perugia Local Health Unit n. 2 (Mon. – Fri. 8am-7pm Saturdays 8am-1pm)Tel. 0755411
First AidTel. 0755783422 Monteluce Hospital – 0755782521 Silvestrini Hospital
TransportTel. 0755783222
Psychiatric Service night & dayTel. 0755412732
SOS Asthma (all day)Tel. 0337-237993
ACI Road ServiceTel. 116
Piazza Antonio Gramsci, 1, 06061 Castiglione del Lago
Phone+39 075 95261
Road PoliceTel. 075506751
Local Police (all day)Tel. 0755723232
Lost and FoundTel. 0755775373
Consumer Information (Mondays Wednesdays Fridays 9am-12pm / Tuesdays Thursdays 3pm-5.30pm)Tel. 0755045843 (Region of Umbria)
Tel. 800013474 (toll-free – Perugia Province)
Emergency number for abused womenTel. 0755045596-800861126 (toll-free)
” Caritas” Charity ServiceTel. 0755723851-573366-5720970
Drug Info Line (every day 9am-8pm)Tel. 800016600-840002244 (toll-free)
Emergency Veterinary Service (stray and other animals – every days 8am-2pm)Tel. 0755412407
Important phone numbers